Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath Day Tour

On the very last day of my trip I took on an ambitious adventure to see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath all in one day. It began nice and early at Victoria Station, a common meeting point for day trip tours and from there we were off.

Windsor Castle is about 40 minutes out of London, situated in the town of Windsor. As an official Royal residence, Windsor Castle is commonly visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip today, amongst other members of the Royal family. We arrived in the township of Windsor at about 9am with just enough time for a quick coffee stop before the Castle was open to visitors. We elected to stop at the Cinnamon Cafe, not only because of its proximity to the castle but because the Cinnamon buns were far too alluring to ignore. You will want a take home pack!

Once we made it through security we were free to begin our tour. I recommend you use an audio guide to help you navigate the area and learn the history in more detail. I’d also suggest it because Prince Charles opens the tour session on tape unexpectedly. Surprise.

One of the major highlights of the tour was Queen Mary’s Doll’s House. This Dollhouse was built in the 1920s and includes fully furnished rooms and electricity. I also enjoyed the casual suits of armour and portraits of past Monarchs decorating the wall amongst the State Apartment’s though I feel sorry for whoever has to dust them.

Also on the grounds of Windsor Castle is St George’s Chapel. This Chapel, known as the burial ground for many past rulers was also the place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married.

After the Chapel we made it outside in time for the changing of the guard. The changing of the guard usually occurs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday however this is subject to change. Less crowded than Buckingham Palace, this daily ritual is great for people keen to snap some shots without any obligatory elbow nudging.

Next stop after Windsor Castle was Stonehenge. I’ll be honest I didn’t see the interest in a pile of rocks but I was willing to see it nonetheless. To get to Stonehenge you first go to the visitor centre and then get a bus down the line to the site. You can walk it if you have the time as its an easy straight walk.

It is a lot bigger than I thought and it was surprisingly fun trying to capture the right angle without other tourists and sheep in the background. Yes sheep…right next to this internationally known monument – sheep farms.

Our last stopping point for the day was the city of Bath. Situated about 2.5 hours west of London Bath is a city known for its architecture, the Roman Baths, and the Royal Crescent amongst other things. Its entirely Jane Austen in its appeal. From the Bath Abbey to Pulteney Bridge this city has an enthralling pull and begs to be explored. Just don’t attempt to swim in the Roman Baths – they are far from sanitary.

While day tours do not offer nearly the right amount of time to see everything you want I had an incredible time on this day trip seeing some of England’s most amazing sites along the way. Round two required?

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