Singapore Highlights

Ah Singapore,

As Crazy Rich Asians (2018) certainly demonstrates, Singapore is filled to the brim with exotic park lands, futuristic architecture and light up trees that look like they belong in an Avatar film. Though our time in Singapore wasn’t quite like the A-list parties seen in the film I greatly enjoyed my time here. Across the few days we had on the last stretch of our holiday we managed to muster up some energy and see some of the highlights Singapore has to offer.

As we had been in Europe for a month before we hit Singapore, the humidity took a little while to adjust too. It felt strange walking down the street in shorts again after a month of coats and scarves but, it meant we had a great excuse for many ice cream samples. That being said, around Orchard Road there are a lot of air conditioned tunnels connecting the shopping malls, so you don’t even have to see the outside world if you can handle fluorescent lighting.

Our first day trip was out to Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island is a little tropical paradise on the southern most point of Asia. It’s an island filled with theme parks and man-made beaches, bars and monkeys. To get to the island we first took the MRT line to Harbourfront and then followed the groups of excitable tourists up the stairs to the top floor. From there you can access the island via a short trip on the Sentosa Express, after buying a Sentosa Pass. The alternative options are to walk across the Sentosa Boardwalk to the island (which we did one day just for fun) or take a cable car (it’s a little excessive I suppose but I’ve heard the view is great).

It was the perfect day trip for us. Once we got to the island many flocked to the series of parks and resorts but we chose just to have a relaxing beach day.

We lucked out with zero rain, a near private beach, and some killer coconut ice cream! Yes, if you want to be really busy you can go zip-lining or go to Universal Studios but honestly, I rather enjoyed just swimming and beach walking all day. At Sentosa there are 3 different beaches to choose from, each with their own appeal. We chose Palawan as it had a quiet and relaxed vibe. It also had a rope bridge to a little island across the way and I am a sucker for adventure so we had to check it out. For lunch though, we went down to Siloso beach, where all the beachfront bars and restaurants are, to have some amazing barbecue. This beach had a lot more activity, owing to the food and recreation options.

Overall, Sentosa is a popular tourist destination in Singapore that has a lot to offer. While there are a lot of activities on the island there is also the option of living a little cheaper and enjoying a day of beach side paradise.

Another day trip we had was the day we visited was Singapore Zoo. It’s a little bit messy trying to get to the zoo, via both a train and bus if using public transport, however, the zoo is entirely worth it.

All the animals were lively and the weather, though humid, was quite bearable. The Zoo is home to many favourites and I was even brave enough to go into the bird cage. I particularly enjoyed all the butterflies in the Fragile Forest.

On our final night in Singapore we went to see Gardens by the Bay light show. It is a free nightly show and a great night out. The show starts at 7:45 and and 8:45 daily, though it is recommended to get their early to nab a good spot. We got there just before sunset and had a bit of a wander around the ‘Supertrees’ before picking a spot to park for the evening.

It strongly reminded me of the times where I laid down under the Christmas tree every year as a kid to watch the lights. My camera couldn’t capture just the sheer amount of colour and it is honestly an event you need to see up close. The music is playing, the lights are glowing, and the audience gasps in a chorus of ‘ooos’ and ‘aahs’. Ok, it’s VERY cheesy but regardless, it’s a spectacular show to watch.

Afterwards we went inside the building in all the pictures, the Marina Bay Sands. Though I didn’t make it up to the infinity pool this time around I got to explore the canal and restaurant district inside. It’s beautiful and expensive and I don’t think I could ever afford to stay there.

Thanks to its world-renowned airport, Singapore is notoriously known as a stop over hub for people travelling across the globe. It wasn’t our original intention to stay in Singapore on our way home but I am so glad we did. In just a few days we got a taste of the sheer amount the country had to offer and were amazed and how well they blend the natural with the man made. I will never forget the tree-lined streets and one day, when I next go back, I am checking out that giant infinity pool on the top of Marina Bay Sands!

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