Mozart Dinner Concert

They didn’t need microphones…

When in Salzburg I had the opportunity to attend a four course dinner that included very expensive champagne and live performances of some of Mozart’s most famous works. Situated in the Baroque Hall at the St Peter Stiftskeller, this candlelight dinner experience is one of a kind and a truly magical night.

The atmosphere of the room is incredible as energised tables anxiously await the performances that occur between each course. There were people from all over the world in the room and it truly demonstrated how universal the love of music is.

The singers and 5 piece orchestra alike are openly passionate about what they do and have no issue dancing through the tables and involving their audience. Dressed in traditional attire worn by their contemporaries you can’t help but be enamoured with the performance as you feel you are transported into another time. Whether or not you are a fan of Mozart any audience member is sure to recognise some of the music, whether it be from The Magic Flute, Don Giovanni, or The Marriage of Figaro.

The dining experience is also incredible as each course is based on historical recipes of the region, though adapted to suit a modern palate. We were served the Christmas menu as we attended the concert on the 26th of December.

It included:

  • St Peter’s bread with local butter
  • Marinated brown trout with braised apple and mustard (yes I managed to try it)
  • Clear lemon chicken soup with curd cheese and rosemary dumpling (an unusual looking dish that was very tasty)
  • Stuffed breast of capon (chicken) on glaze of red wine with potato gratin and vegetables
  • Semi-frozen parfait of forest honey and sauces (I wish I had a second plate)

The Mozart Dinner Concert is a spectacular experience that is to be enjoyed with friends and family. The atmosphere is highly sociable and fun and the talent of the performers will leave you in awe. The room itself has a distracting beauty that you take in immediately upon entering the room and then from there, you will have a wonderful night.

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