The Sound of Music

One cannot simply go to Salzburg and not go on a sound of music tour!

Yes, it was cheesy but it was an entirely necessary day tour we had to do when we visited Salzburg. Being that I was there in winter I had to use my imagination in some areas where the trees and gardens were a little bare, but you cannot deny the sheer excitement you feel as you follow the footsteps of Julie Andrews and co, singing included.

Our first stop on the tour was Hellbrunner Allee, the roughly 5 kilometre walkway that Maria skips down singing ‘I Have Confidence’. Driving parallel to this walkway you will pass the Frohnburg Castle, which was also in the movie, however as it is a private property we could only glimpse it from a distance though it is instantly recognisable.

Hellbrunner Allee By Jordan Lide

Ah the Gazebo, yes the actual one they all danced in…(in the movie). Due to previous issues of vandalism you can no longer enter the structure but you can still get up close and reminisce over the song ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’.

Tip: Elbow nudge to the front of your tour group fast if you want to get a shot without 20 people in the way!

Sound of Music Gazebo By Jordan Lide

Our next stop was the Leopoldskron Palace, another filming location. This location was where they filmed the memorable lake scene in which Maria and the children all fall into the water off the boat. This location also boasts incredible views of the lake and the Fortress in the background.

Tip: The grass can get a little slippery so don’t stand too close to the waters edge or you might just fall in yourself!

Leopoldskron Palace and Surrounds By Jordan Lide

We then had a relatively short 1 hour bus ride to Mondsee to go to the Basilika St. Michael where they filmed the marriage of Maria and the Captain. Surrounded by quaint little streets, this part of the tour was where we all had our lunch stop. I am still of the firm belief that strudel is an acceptable lunch food…

Basilika St Michael By Jordan Lide

Lastly, we ended up at the Schloss Mirabell Gardens. This is the location of the perhaps most memorable scene in the movie, the ‘Do Re Mi’ song. It is the site of the Pegasus fountain along with the gate and surrounding gardens in which the children and Maria skip about singing and dancing.

Pegasus Fountain By Jordan Lide

This garden is breathtaking to wander, offering a splendid miniature getaway from the city streets. Regardless if you aren’t into musicals it’s a fantastic little area to explore, even more so in winter as all the bare trees look like whomping willows…

Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg by Jordan Lide

The Sound of Music Tour is a wonderful way to explore the city of Salzburg and surrounding areas, reminiscing about the classic film as you make your merry way to each location. Dance, smile and sing along to the music! You won’t regret it.

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