Before I begin, DUMBO is an acronym for ‘Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’. It’s a beautiful little area in Brooklyn sandwiched between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I began my journey on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge has a walkable path through the middle that leads you across the East River to Brooklyn. Whilst on the bridge you have wonderful views of both boroughs, gaining a new perspective on the Downtown area as you take in the view from a new height. As long as you can dodge the selfie stick brigade the bridge walk is quite easy. Once you cross into Brooklyn take a left and then walk downwards towards the waters edge.

DUMBO is an area with cobblestone streets and renovated old school brick buildings. It is a strange mix of old meets new with a growing neighbourhood bringing new life to the area. It also happens to house an Australian cafe where I got my fix of Vegemite and drinkable coffee. There was also a rather spectacular chocolate shop which is where I acquired more than a few samples to take with me.

I can’t say how crowded the area is in summer but in winter it wasn’t hugely crowded. There are many places to take the glamour shot for Instagram but once again you have to dodge all the amateur models. Essentially, DUMBO is a must see gem of New York that needs to be on your bucket list of NYC things to do.

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