My top 10 in New York

Here is a list of my top ten for New York in no particular order…

  1. Metro Card

In terms of transport, the metro card was the best option when we were in New York. For $2.75 a trip you can go wherever you like. The red line runs directly through the centre of Manhattan and has many easy stop off points for tourist hot spots. I also enjoyed it because you get better acquainted with how the locals travel and can do things at your own pace.

2. Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

An absolute must. The bridge is spectacular as is the area around it. Start at City Hall where there is easy access to the bridge. After crossing, wander around DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights, making sure to take in the view of the impressive Manhattan skyline.

3. Times Square and Broadway

It’s bright. It’s cheesy. It’s necessary. Times Square may be a hot bed for rather obvious tourist traps but that doesn’t diminish the general energy of the Square. There’s also a huge variety of theatres surrounding Times Square that need to be visited…just don’t have high hopes of getting a Hamilton ticket any time soon!

4. Central Park

You will need some good walking shoes because this park is bigger than you expect. It has everything including cafes, buskers and confident little squirrels. It is a must when in New York, just try not to get lost.

5. World Trade Center Memorial

It is a humbling and worthwhile experience to walk around the memorial pools dedicated to those who lost their lives on September 11th. Be respectful when visiting.

6. Staten Island Ferry

The cheaper way to see the green lady. If you are in desperate need to climb up into her head feel free to go to Liberty island for the full experience but if you are like me and don’t mind taking in the view from a lesser distance, get on the Staten Island ferry. It’s a free round trip that lets you take in the view of the Statue of Liberty twice over, after a little elbow nudging for the best spot of course.

7. Harlem

Get off at 125th street and take a wander of the neighbourhood. See the Apollo Theatre and Teresa’s hotel. Make your way to Sugar Hill to see the house of Alexander Hamilton and when you get hungry there are a multitude of places to go. I recommend Sylvia’s…Impeccable fried chicken!

8. Promenade Walk

If you need a little break and a way of escaping the busy city life, take a stroll on the promenade beginning at Battery Park and ending at Brookfield Place. There are multiple piers and little parks along the way and a great view of New Jersey across the way.

9. Magnolia Bakery

It’s a must when you are in New York. Picture three layered cakes smothered in butter cream and decorated with a variety of sugary toppings. It is not the healthiest snack option but it is a necessary indulgence.

10. Stardust Diner

It’s a 1950s milkbar themed establishment with singing waiters. What more need be said?

Bonus Tip: Pret a Manger

If like me you are in need of a good lunch with actual vegetables this business has a great variety of on the go lunch options available as you navigate your city adventures.

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