Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan has a wide variety of things to see and do. It is home to many different cultural and historic hot spots, all within walking distance of each other. Here is what I covered in a day:

The World Trade Centre Memorial is a very sombre and quiet place. There are now two memorial pools where the twin towers once stood. It’s quite moving to walk around the area and see that they still put out a white rose for victims of the attack on their birthday each year. Photos are allowed but I would very much suggest leaving the selfie sticks at home.

Trinity Church. Yes, it’s the place where Alexander Hamilton is buried, along with his wife and eldest son. It is a remarkable church to visit, though I was saddened to discover their wasn’t a secret door to a treasure room underneath. Following this we ventured down to Battery Park. Battery Park and the surrounding area provide a nice respite from the constant city noise along with views of Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, though the view is somewhat tainted with a smog line…

The National Museum of the American Indian is a free museum located in the downtown area of Manhattan. It resides in the US Custom House and houses a series of permanent and special exhibits. This museum gave us a greater insight into the arts and culture of the Native American peoples and how they remember and express their cultural ties through art today. Across the way from Custom House is what is known as the Bowling Green, the oldest public park in the city with a fountain centre. From here you head up the street to the historic Stone Street and Financial District.

The Stock Exchange Building is unfortunately no longer open to the public but that does not mean it doesn’t get its fair share of tourists eager to take a picture or two. From here it is a short walk up the street to the next stopping point, Federal Hall. Federal Hall, located on Wall Street, is a popular stopping point for tourists, particularly to get a photo of the bronze statue of George Washington. It is also a good spot to sit on the stairs and people watch as busy New Yorkers fly past. It was here we ended our day in the Downtown area, taking in what we could of the few rays of sun available on a winter day in New York.

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